By purchasing a share with us you automatically agree to our CSA policy. Community supported agriculture is made up of community members in the area who have purchased a share from a local farm early in the season. By purchasing a share with us early in the season you are providing us with the capital to buy seeds, fertilizer, tools, row cover, irrigation and other supplies needed to run a successful farm and have a productive growing season.  

A CSA is an excellent way for community members to become personally involved and invested in their local farm and food system. We strive to meet our goals for crop variety and quantity but many factors are out of our control and as a CSA member you share in the abundance and failure of crops. Together, we share in the excitement of growing in the Keweenaw. 

From mid June-mid October (16-18 weeks), a weekly produce share is provided to you for pick up. The produce in the share depends on what is in season that week. We grow, maintain, harvest and package your share for you, and deliver it to a drop point in either Calumet or Houghton. Please see our private CSA share drop policy for another option. Once we drop the share it is your responsibility to pick it up in a timely fashion. If you are unable to pick your share up it is your responsibility to have someone collect it for you or to let us know you won’t be able to get it that week. If you will be out of town please let us know a week in advance and your options will be to either cancel your share for that week or organize another person to have your share. We do not make up missed shares. If someone else is going to pick your share up for you please make sure they know the correct location and time for pick up. Please make sure they know which name to look for on the tag as not every share is the same. Forgotten shares will not be replaced.

It is your responsibility to keep the bags and boxes provided for you in good, clean order and to bring the empty box/bag back to the drop point when you pick up your new share. You can also bring your own box with you the drop point, transfer the goods and leave our bag/box behind. Please keep in mind the drop points are not refrigerated. The sooner you can get your share home the better. Please keep in mind we do NOT wash the produce for you. We do rinse some soil off, but it is your responsibility to thoroughly wash all produce before consumption. To keep costs down we bag as little as possible and often put multiple things in one bag or have items loose in the box. It is a good practice to take everything out of the bag/box when you bring it home, rinse and dry the produce then store as you desire. 

We do not use chemical insecticides so you will find a few bugs from time to time. We do try our best to keep this to a minimum but they often hide in the nooks and crannies of lettuce, cabbage and other vegetables. A good way to check for bugs is to submerge produce in cool water for five minutes, shwoosh produce around in the water and then generally any insects will float to the surface.