Although we love volunteers, we do have a few things that we ask of you.

When you schedule a time to come out and volunteer we ask that you keep that appointment.  We maintain a very busy schedule and ask that you please arrive at the appointed time. If you are running behind please call to let us know and we may need to reschedule your visit. 

If you are able to come out to the farm please come prepared.  We ask that you bring your own work gloves, water bottle and to please dress appropriately for the work and the weather. That means close toed shoes, long pants, sun protection, warm layers, raincoat/boots, snacks, etc. 

The work can be light to rather laborious. Before you make a commitment to volunteering please be sure you are comfortable with kneeling, bending and standing for extended periods of time and lifting 40 pounds at a time.  

The variety of tasks will vary over the season. Early season work can include, seeding, transplanting, weeding, bed prep, hoop house work, irrigation set up, fencing set up, seeding cover crop, etc. Mid season work generally consists of weeding, succession planting, harvesting, mulching, cultivation, irrigation, small farm projects, etc. 

Projects done on the farm require different tools and supplies. We ask that at the end of your time with us you help in the clean up and replace any tools or supplies you have used to their proper place. 

Because the main emphasis of the farm is the production and handling of fresh food, we ask volunteers to thoroughly wash their hands before you begin your project, any time you handle produce, after using the restroom, eating any food, fixing your hair, etc. Sickness that can be transmitted through contact or food handling must be considered before coming to work. If you are not feeling well please stay home and rest. We can reschedule your time when you are feeling well.

Pets are not allowed.



Send us an email letting us know a little about your self. Do you have any experience with gardening? What days and times work best for you? Do you have any physical limitations? Please include your name and the best way to contact you.